Git 4 Moodle – oneliner

cd yourmoodlecodedir

git log –oneline > oneliner.txt
Then we use cat with grep to look for things like:
‘weekly release 3.6’ or ‘New’.

cat oneliner.txt |grep ‘weekly release 3.6’

which renders lines like:

95abbe12ba2 weekly release 3.6.5+
61d76db67bd weekly release 3.6.4+
2f1ed943880 weekly release 3.6.3+

So to ‘roll back’ the code one could set by the first column value.
which is the Commit hash.

Wanna see all that’s new?

cat oneliner.txt |grep ‘New’

Example of a 3.6 branch and just the ‘New’ from the bottom of the listing
(there were 1580 lines matching ‘New’):

5af78ed2b20 New highlight function for searches etc
0157e3bfba6 New “highlight” class (eg for search results)
edf7fe8c19a New usergetmidnight function and use in finding today’s logs
4c86dda63ef Not needed any more … use the “News” forum instead.
600149be34b New logging format Improved “Recent Activity” on home page Better formatting. Many other small fixes.
1b1fbf172f7 New icons for courses displayed in weekly format. They collapse/unfold the display.
4d7c16adc35 New help file for uploading a picture
bb31c3db9d5 New blue theme
4adbe73bbae New icons